Cloths for big plush toys
Cloths for big plush toys

Very often the first stuffed toy of a child is a teddy bear or a bunny, and though many parents look at the toy, just as an object that entertains the child, it is actually much more. Stuffed toys have many benefits to fragile childhood consciousness and sometimes become an integral part of the child for years.

What's the size of the big plush toy?

As you may know, kids love to learn everything. Very often, just where it's written in large letters "Do not touch", that's where their little fingers are. Their first impressions besides the visual ones are those of touching surfaces. For this reason, it is very important that the child embraces a plush toy that is soft. In addition, in his first years, it is also good to know the different fabrics and what they are to touch. Stuffed toys we offer from Puffyland.BG are made of tulle and polyester. Varied colors are and are thematic in relation to what the plush toy will be by profession or occupation.

The plush toy often becomes both the child's best friend and the subject of his emotions. Children learn about the different animals and their typical features. They also look after them as living beings. The child accepts as a duty and responsibility to feed the stuffed toy, to put it in bed, to dress it up and all other activities that are inherent to people. By giving him the opportunity to choose clothes for his plush toy, you allow your child to take care of it.

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