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Make a toy friend - Make yourself a fluffy friend | Puffyland.BG

Toys are much more important than a simple game. Everyone has a sweet memory in which he has his favorite toy. This is because children accept toys as much more than dolls, teddy bears or soft rabbits - they take them as their friends.

All toys imitate animals or heroes from the adult world, thus teaching children the virtues. By developing children's cognitive skills, toys perform their function of entertaining and, at the same time, very helpful friends. This is not new, because toys have been in existence since ancient times. Only the materials used today are softer and safer. Instead of wood and metal toys, today children have the opportunity to enjoy cuddly friends made of soft cloth and fluff. In this way, the plush toy provides the great pleasure not only for the eyes but also for the gentle children's hands. We all know how often children cuddle and even fall asleep with their favorite stuffed toy. We at Puffyland.BG do not just sell plush toys, we give your child the opportunity to create only his plush toy.

Choose a plush toy.
The first step is to choose a teddy bear, bunny or cuddly friend, but remember that it is not stuffy. To make a stuffed toy means to do it yourself with your own hands.

Fill her with a soft feather.
We will send you a soft fluff to fill your plush friend and see him growing up in front of you. Filling is easy and does not pose a challenge for children.

Add her star or heart.
Putting inside a magical asterisk or heart, your fluffy friend gets superpowers.

Give her a voice.
Every plush toy can get its own voice. Your plush friend may also repeat something that was previously recorded.

Dress up your cuddly friend.
Every plush toy deserves to have a full wardrobe with clothes. Take a look at our plush toy clothes and choose the most suitable for your cuddly friend.

Give her a name.
Together with your stuffed toy, we will also send you a special certificate, where you must write the chosen name, the date of its creation, and how heavy it is and how tall it is.


To create your own cuddly friend is not just a game but a whole experience. We are different from all other plush toys online and in the joy of your child you will understand that you have made the right choice. From Puffyland.BG we wish you a lot of fluffy games in the kingdom of the fluffy friends.

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